At Big Blue Strength we offer a variety of programs and activities to suit your needs.


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  • Personal Training– personalized to meet your needs and goals


  • CrossFit– general fitness program featuring olympic and power lifting movements as well as general strength & conditioning skills


  • FitCamp– general fitness program featuring bodyweight movements with added small equipment such as dumbbells, kettle bells, medicine balls, etc.


  • Pilates– Each class is geared to the individuals in that group.  Our max equipment class is 4 students and other classes is 8 students.  If you have an injury or condition that requires special attention, this would be addressed in private sessions.  Otherwise the group classes feature Stott Pilates principles, all movements of the spine, and accessory work of the limbs… a full body workout from the CORE-> out!


  • Rowing–  General fitness program featuring conditioning intervals of rowing with bodyweight exercises or using small equipment.  Our rowing workouts are a big hit!


  • Olympic Weightlifting- Big Blue Weightlifting Club is an official USA Weightlifting Club.  Our team members trying and compete locally and Nationally.  Each athlete trains with their own program based on their competition schedule and experience.


  • Program Design- At Big Blue we offer program design.  Need a specific program to meet a specific goal?  Meet with one of our coaches and we can design a periodized program to get you there.


  • Nutrition-  To get optimal results, solid nutrition is the key.  You nutrition should match your goals.  Meet with our coaches to get on a nutrition plan that helps you reach your goals, whether they be to maintain your weight, lose weight, or gain some muscle.