Big Blue End of Summer Slam

JULY 8th, 2018 here at Big Blue!

Featuring the Snatch & Clean + Jerk

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*After signing up on the website, Please email your USAW #, Weight class, and opening lifts (in kilos).


2018 Competition Schedule:

February: Junior Nationals

March: American Open Series 1- Columbus, OH

April 5: Masters Nationals- Buffalo, NY

June 14-17: Youth Nationals- Grand Rapids, MI

June 29-30: East Coast Gold WL Camp :)  Virginia Beach, VA

August 25: Big Blue End of Summer Slam

October 13:  Kegs & Kilos- Alexandria Brewing Co- Northern KY

December 5-9: American Open Finals- Milwaukee, WI


2017 Competition Schedule: 

March 11th:  National Masters- Savannah, GA

March 25th-26th:  KY State Championships, Louisville, KY

June 22-25:  National Youth Championships- Atlanta, GA

June 24:  USAW Raw Powerlifting, Louisville, KY

September 15-16:  Super Total Weekend, Louisville, KY

October 21-22: Kentucky Open Championships, Louisville, KY




FALL 2016  Competition Schedule! 


August 27th:  Last Chance Qualifier- Louisville, KY

September 22nd:  University Nationals- Baton Rouge, LA  Change: New Orleans

October 15th:  NASA Powerlifting Nationals- Springfield, OH

October 22nd: Kentucky State Meet- Louisville, KY

December 8th: American Open Championships- Orlando, FL