Interested in Getting Started at Big Blue????

We start all new clients and members with our 3 session assessment/ orientation sessions. It’s included in your sign up fee!  This allows us the opportunity to evaluate your health history and assess your movements.  Even if you have previous Strength Training, weightlifting, or Pilates experience, we still want to get the chance to get to know you and your body as well as teach you the principles,  general warm ups and specific olympic warm ups we do here at Big Blue.  We want to ensure that every client/ athlete and coach are on the same page.  We take pride in knowing each individuals’ needs to provide a safe and effective workout environment for all.

We personalize the orientation to YOUR needs.  If you are interested in the group training sessions/ classes, we will make sure you go through all the things necessary to get you (and us) ready to get started!

There are links of the orientation videos at the bottom of this page. Take a few moments to watch!  This is some of what we will be going through at your orientation session.

We use an online system to sign in for group sessions/ classes

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If you are interested in personal training and getting a little more one on one attention, we will start you with these 3 sessions to see that you are paired with the right trainer for your needs and goals. We will  also  assess and evaluate your skills and movements to give us a head start on your program design.


Please call us at 859-537-8032 or stop by 242 Southland Drive… to schedule your orientation or to see if Big Blue is a right fit for you!





Orientation videos

General Warm up



Clean Warm up

Jerk Warm up

Snatch Warm up


Pilates Basic Principles & Warm up