1.  Strict Press:

50% x 5

60% x 4

70% x 3

80% x 2

90% x 1

*95% x 1 x 3

*only go to 95% if 90 was good!

2.  “Team Halloween” WOD

For Time (with a Partner):

  • 75 Lateral Pumpkin Jumps
  • 50 Pumpkin Push Presses*
  • 100 Pumpkin Goblet Squats*
  • 50 Pumpkin Box Jumps* (20 in)
  • 75 Pumpkin Squat Cleans*


  • * 5 burpee penalty (both partners) each time the “pumpkin” touches the ground


  • Use a KB or medicine ball (20/14 lb) as your pumpkin

Break up the work as needed between partners. Working partner must have the “pumpkin.” After the lateral jumps, partner A must pick the medicine ball up to begin the push presses. When partner A completes their set they must hand the medicine ball to partner B without letting it touch the ground. If either partner drops or puts the medicine ball down at any time after starting the push-presses and before finishing the workout, both partners must do 5 burpees as a penalty.


This “Team Halloween” WOD allows athletes to use a medicine ball in lieu of an actual pumpkin. But if you want to use a pumpkin, and don’t mind cleaning it up or stopping mid-WOD to find another one, then absolutely, go for it!

This workout was first posted by CrossFit Crave (Celina, OH, USA) on their website as their workout of the day (WOD) for November 3, 2012 – a belated celebration of Halloween, which was obviously a few days earlier, on October 31, 2012.